June 2015 Culture Message

Trust is a function of past positive experiences. The problem was that the colt had never had any positive experiences, at least not in a very long time. He was standing in a broken down corral, completely alone. All of the other horses had been removed. The lone colt stood isolated and clearly frightened; either they did not want him, … Read More

May 2015 Culture Message

The news was first communicated through a phone call, and later a veterinary report. The phone call I think was a combination of intent to communicate, but perhaps more so, a subtle plea for help, input and support. The conversation had the impact of a sucker punch to the solar plexus, leaving me at the stage right before one starts … Read More

March 2015 Culture Message

There is a theory held by some of the “horsey types” that all equines are supposed to have jobs. This concept is the topic of many articles and clinics in the horse world, and with little exception is foundational to many in the natural horsemanship movement. In one such article, a fairly well-known author, exposing the importance of horses having … Read More

February 2015 Culture Message

In the rehabilitation of a damaged, abused or severely neglected horse, there comes a point of release. It is most often very subtle, perhaps marked by an almost inaudible exhale or a small amount of licking and chewing. Sometimes the moment is punctuated by a more obvious sign such as a whinny trumpeting a greeting…most frequently such a moment will … Read More

December 2014 Culture Message

Our core values tend to come by way of our primary years…our parents, families and early important influences. While as we age and mature, we certainly add values, or in some cases shed beliefs that no longer provide the foundational road map that allows us to navigate a purposeful life. This cycle clocks our emotional growth…and there are certain values … Read More

November 2014 Culture Message

Rescued horses, like people, come from different circumstances. This is most definitely the case with the wide swath of the unwanted who find their way to the safe embrace of Red Bucket. I have been fortunate to have ridden several incredible horses lately. They all know more than I do. All of them have at one time received the investment … Read More

October 2014 Culture Message

When I was a child, my days were full of horses and books. I was painfully shy and spent every possible moment at the barn, grooming, riding, and filling every second with equine relationships that were safe, loyal and reciprocal. In 10th grade, when my family was moving from France back to Kentucky, my teacher commented on my report card, … Read More

September 2014 Culture Message

Those of us who have committed ourselves to the world of rescue are reminded with too great a frequency that a culture exists that does not believe horses can think or feel. The exhaust from this belief system results in the victimized, shattered, often starving and always damaged horses who find their way to the safety of Red Bucket and … Read More

August 2014 Culture Message

When I said the final goodbye to Socrates I wanted the ground to swell up and cover me. The feeling of failure, of failing him, was so enormously suffocating that I could hardly bear it. I got a second opinion of course, and when I didn’t like it, I got a third. The reality of that impending goodbye generated a … Read More

July 2014 Culture Message

Starting and running a rescue is like walking straight into a strong wind. You need to square your shoulders, brace yourself, and keep moving. When we started Red Bucket over 5 years ago, I went out and quickly purchased a book on starting a rescue. The first chapter of the book instructed the reader to first read the book before … Read More