Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 317- Thurston

We were contacted by the Riverside Animal Control about 24 malnourished and neglected horses that were seized by the authorities on March 4th. Fortunately, the horses have been removed from their horrible situation where the poor horses were left to eat only the manure off of the ground due to the complete lack of food. Although we are full, we … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue #315-Stella

It is a story that is all too familiar. A neglected and abused mare intentionally bred for the purpose of having her weigh more on slaughter auction day. Stella has never known kindness, safety, or the security of knowing that she would be fed. That’s what she did not know. Perhaps it is what she did know that was worse: … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue Proudly Presents: Greer and Grammer

We continue to be puzzled and heartbroken by the tremendous number of innocent, beautiful and amazing equines that find themselves tragic victims of the slaughter industry. Our two beautifully matched mules…full brother and sister…were fortunate to be rescued directly from the imminent shipment to a Mexican Slaughter Plant. Greer and Grammer (lovingly named after our beautiful and talented friend and … Read More

Red Bucket Horses Saved #291 Pia and #292 Sparrow

Thanks to our FaceBook friends we were able to save 6 slaughter-bound mares and foals from slaughter last month. What a HUGE difference 30 days makes! Our beautiful girls are visibly relaxed and enjoying the tranquility of a peaceful pasture, excellent nutrition, and a healthy environment. The mares are filling out and actually beginning to enjoy nursing and nuzzling their little ones, … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 284- Meet Baby Cronin

This morning the clouds parted long enough for the sun to gently shine down upon Leonie and her beautiful new baby daughter. The filly, lovingly named after the great horseman, Red Bucket volunteer, and our dear friend Bob Cronin, is strong, beautiful, healthy….and alive! Cronin made her royal appearance early this morning, got up quickly, and began to nurse with … Read More

Introducing Red Bucket Equine Rescue #282-Leoni

Our beautiful Leoni is a remarkable example of how resilient, grateful, and deserving rescued animals, and in this case rescued horses, are. At the time of her rescue she was feral, pregnant and slaughter-bound. Initially she considered us carefully, watching our every move through the lens of a skeptical survivor. She has exhaled into the final days of her pregnancy, … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue #279- Cornelia

It has been our practice to save as many horses as we possibly can…and then one more. Our ranch is peppered with marvelous examples of that “one more” horse saved due to our willingness…obligation…to do, or save, just a little bit more. At the least, are reminded daily of our “one more” every time that Roulette gleefully trots toward a … Read More

Red Bucket Rescue Proudly Presents Jax!

Red Bucket Proudly Presents Jax! He is every little girl’s fantasy…heck, every big girl’s fantasy…truly a dream come true. Before we alienate our gentlemen friends, we should clarify that in this case we are talking about a 16 hh Palomino gelding sporting 4 white socks and a perfect blaze. Pretty impossible to compete with, even on the best of days. … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 274 -Callum

He has likely suffered daily abuse, and wears a coat of ragged scars and painful reminders of a loveless and brutal life. While he has a severely broken and uncared for knee, painful hock, multiple injuries, a lacerated tongue, a myriad of saddle sores….and a hunger that is much deeper and more profound than the exposed ribs and coarse coat. … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 270- Olaf The Giant

While they all have a story…only a few have a Guardian Angel. Olaf The Giant certainly has a story, and fortunately the latter. An abused carriage horse, recklessly over-worked to the point of road founder, when his crippled condition made his job unbearable, and made him useless, his owner stopped feeding him. No longer wanted, he was transported callously to … Read More