“As a lover of horses I feel honored to help Red Bucket.  Helping save these lovely animals from a life of abuse and death is something I hope others will consider worthy.  Watching these horses rescued from serious injury, pain and fear to a life of health and a caring home has enriched my life.”

Cecilia DeMille Presley, Donor


“I’ve been involved in equine welfare for nearly a decade, and worked with numerous horse rescues/sanctuaries.  Red Bucket is by far the most professionally run of these organizations, bar none.”

Shirley Puga, Founder of National Equine Resource Network


“Our whole family has fallen deeply in love with Magnum and Dashiel. They are beautiful boys, loving friends, and incredible athletes and it is just unbearable to think of how these innocent horses had been treated before Red Bucket rescued them. Red Bucket is doing an excellent job of getting these incredible horses back to vibrant health and placing them with their forever families!”

Ali Strawford and family, Adopters


“In rescuing, I was rescued.”

Susan Peirce, Founder of Red Bucket Equine Rescue


“The horses that come to Red Bucket have been abused by humans and have no reason to forgive us. The morning Polo came, I walked into his stall and we adopted each other. The organization rehabilitates and gives them a fresh chance. Fortunately for me, Polo loved and forgave and I was the one who was special to him.”

Karen McGarrah, Donor, Volunteer and Adopter