The New Life Adventures of Mr. Rogers:

Equine, are of course prey animals. They are likely only to REALLY lay down, truly rest, and completely close both eyes….if they feel safe. There are the little milestones of our work, that truly mark the importance of the impact of our daily actions and the slow, and sometimes painful, transition from victim….to truly safe. […]

Welcome to your new life, Mr. Rogers!

There are small triumphs that indicate our previously abused equines are turning the corner and beginning to hope…live….and trust. They are small but promising moments that are peppered with a curious glance, an unexpected nicker, or a movement toward us….rather than a retreating step. Mr. Rogers has taken his time deciding that his new life is […]

BFF’s Batman and Elwell

We absolutely love, love, love it when our matchmaking efforts pay off! The Red Bucket brand of matchmaking isn’t about boy meets girl…it is about herd turnouts for the purpose of enriching our horses daily lives. In this home run of an equine hook up, our two three year old’s, Batman and Elwell have made […]

Meet Roulette

Meet Roulette. Roulette a long with the latest batch of pregnant feral mares was rescued from slaughter with three other 3 month old orphans. We do not want to think of what happened to their mothers…but we do know that she was filthy, terrified, and while mixed in with frantic pregnant mares, Roulette was very […]

Fenton Feeling Better

We are all breathing a big sigh of relief. Fenton, our slightly opinionated, benevolent, and ultra affectionate mule (puhleeze…do not call him a donkey) is feeling better after a very scary and worrisome bout with colic…the kind of coli…c that kept us not only up all night, but also white knuckling it all weekend. Fenton […]

Red Bucket Equine Rescue Forever Home Found # 99- Cupid xo

When dealing with “forever” ponies are especially difficult, because children grow….and ponies do not. Cupid xo was a conundrum of sorts as he is sugar and spice and everything ni…ce, and at a little under 12 hands, even a small child would out grow him. Cupid xo is also (as so many ponies are) cuddly, […]

RBER’s Dedicated Head Trainer

We have many stories of heartwarming and triumphant turn arounds. Horses that were discarded…thrown away as useless, damaged, starved, and abused….that were miraculously rehabilitated and trained, and then re-homed. We are nearing our 100th adoption, and as we get closer to that significant milestone it is important to acknowledge the hands and hearts behind the […]

Grooming away the layers

We continue to be deeply touched by the reciprocal nature of the horse, and how tenderly they can care for one another. While we have slowly begun the daunting task of desensitizing our feral mothers-to-be and ever so patiently started to lay the subterranean foundation of trust, it has not been quick enough to curry […]

Galway and Deaglan

They are both branded Hanoverians, they had been owned by the same owner…who self-reports to be a great lover of Hanoverians, they were both dumped at slaughter…by that very owner when she was “done” with them. We don’t think they they are “done” at all, and while Galway will never have a rider on his back […]