February 2017 Culture Message

There are many questions for which there are no answers. Sometimes in the face of not knowing, we find ourselves sharply inhaling without the ability to exhale, or even breathe at all. The resulting dizziness is more than the lack of oxygen; it is the numb yet stinging reality that there is an absence of compassion, accountability…humanity. We were in … Read More

January 2017 Culture Message

We changed Echo’s stall today. That probably doesn’t mean a lot to the average person, but it means the world to us…and to Echo. Echo waited a very long time to come to Red Bucket….we were more aware of him than he was of us, as he fell onto and off of our waiting list. He was, of course, just … Read More

December 2016 Culture Message

Touch. A few years after my dad died, my mom told me that touch was what she missed the most. The comment brought back a flash of tender (and some comical) memories; my father touching my mom’s shoulder as he passed her in the hallway, my parents brushing hands as a casserole was handed off, or dad putting his arms … Read More

October 2016 Culture Message

The weekend, and our recent loss, brought conversation about the Amazing Jack. Usually, we talk about our horses starting at the beginning. But our little impromptu gathering started the reminiscing near the end. His last few years had been a gift, and not one of us had taken it…or him…for granted. It seemed poignant that the conversation was sparked in … Read More

September 2016 Culture Message

Ironically, I was humming “The Birthday Song”. The reality is that outside of Christmas Carols and a few favorite hymns, it is the only song that I know all of the words to. I was humming it over and over as if the “repeat” button on my limited musical library was permanently jammed in the downward position. Of course, being … Read More

July 2016 Culture Message

The older I get, the smaller the world actually seems. In my “day job” I continue to marvel about how previous clients keep materializing in new or current client systems, or how someone from my past will connect with me through someone I know. The same seems to be true of horses…we have more than a few now that I … Read More

June 2016 Culture Message

I found myself in the most unlikely place, pulled over in a Best Buy parking lot. It was the nearest location to the freeway exit that I could navigate, and there I sat. The waterfall of tears completely obstructed both my vision and my ability to hear, other than in sound bites. My trainer and dear friend, Ryan, had opened … Read More

April 2016 Culture Message

Given the great success of our adoption program and the recent surge in horse inquiries, I have been reviewing a great number of applications of late. We carefully screen the applications as they provide us with helpful information in which to determine if an applicant is a good fit for our program, and whether or not we have a potential … Read More

March 2016 Culture Message

Stella really did not want to be touched. I didn’t blame her a bit and frankly understood her body language well enough to know that there was good reason for turning away from my gentle, outstretched hand. On rare occasions, she tolerated my palm between her brow, but would recoil suddenly and either retreat from my light contact or flash … Read More

January 2016 Culture Message

There is a magical hour at Red Bucket that few know about. It is my special time to be gently flooded with gratitude and reminded about the significance of our work. The filter is both subtle and powerful at the same time and has the effect of a relentless vice that, while not quite painful, provides a steady and unyielding … Read More