Description:  She is a beautiful hunter that was over-trained. She is now suitable for a companion and a beautiful friend. 


Description: We are flabbergasted how a beautiful, perfectly sound and trained horse would end up at a kill auction. We are endlessly grateful to the Ark Watch Foundation for rescuing him and sending him to Red Bucket. Brodie is in process of finding his forever home.  


Description: Starlight was rescued pregnant from a slaughter auction by another rescue who chose not to keep her. She came to Red Bucket for sanctuary and safe place to deliver her baby.

Petey RB

Description: Petey is a fourth generation Red Bucket donkey rescue. He is precocious, precious and perfect. He is in Red Bucket Charm Farm.

Miss Manners RB

Description: Miss Manners is a fifth generation Red Bucket donkey rescue. She is absolutely adorable with wonderful ground manners and a delightful personality. She is still at her Millie’s  side.


Description: Clementine was foaled in 2003 and was rescued from a kill auction. She has come to us a bit timid and shy, but very gentle. She is looking for a  home as a non-riding companion.


Description: Klondike was rescued from a kill auction which was shocking to us because he is trained, ride able, and loved to be groomed. Although rideable he prefers life as a companion.  He deserves a loving family who will give him a gentle life and tons of affection.

Mr. Fields

Description: This wonderful tattooed Thoroughbred has likely endured abuse every day of his life, and yet he has adjusted to a life of TLC with remarkable adaptability. Mr. Fields is a permanent Red Bucket resident. Best friend to Chance. 


Description:  It is likely that this wonderful, kind and gentle horse never knew a kind word before coming to Red Bucket, and yet his character and demeanor is one of a trustworthy horse. Chance has earned a gentle life and is currently companion to Mr. Fields and not available for adoption.