Adoption and Approval Process 

Thank you for your interest in providing a loving home to a previously unwanted horse. Searching for a horse is an exciting and special time. At Red Bucket we want to help create special memories of this intimate relationship from the very beginning. We create a no-pressure environment and give the adopter an opportunity to explore and make the right decision, for them and the horse. Our goal is to adopt our horses to people who are committed to lifetime care for the horses they adopt.

If you are interested in having one of our horses become a cherished member of your family, please fill out an application. Please be thorough. This will help us to properly match your needs with our horses available for adoption.

Click Here for Adoption Application
The Red Bucket Way to Adoption:
      • Part of the Red Bucket Way is to create an environment where anyone who wishes to adopt a horse is given plenty of time to bond with the horse.
      • We match horses based on the level of riding experience, temperament and level of training.
      • The first visit is about beginning to bond.
      • If there is serious interest in the horse and it is a good fit for everyone, we will offer a first right of refusal.
      • The first right of refusal removes the pressure of rushing to a decision. We will remove the horse from the “available” adoption list and we will work with you to ensure it is good fit. You will have the freedom to decide what is right for you. There will be no pressure to take the horse.
      • Prior to finalizing the contract, we invite and encourage your family members, trainer, vet and farrier to visit the horse at Red Bucket as you are making your decision.
      • Prior to adopting a horse, we will conduct a home or stable visit for the purpose of building a supportive lifetime partnership. During this visit we may provide advice on fencing, hay storage, etc.
      • Field support is available for all of our adopters.
      • Because our goal is a forever home, title does not transfer.
      • Red Bucket’s guarantee is that in the event you can no longer care for your horse, the horse can be safely returned to Red Bucket.
      • The horse cannot be relocated without notifying Red Bucket and receiving an additional home visit.
      • The horse cannot be sold, given away or moved.
      • We provide coaching and support that will enable you to provide your horse with a forever home.
      • You will receive periodic unannounced field visits over the next few years.
      • The adoption fee varies depending on training and other factors. However, many of our adopters choose to donate in excess of the adoption fee. Because Red Bucket is a non-profit, this gift would be tax-deductible.
      • Our horses are current on all of their vaccines.
      • The following is a basic schedule of adoption fees:

-$500 donkey or companion animal

-$1500 saddle and trail horse

-Other fees based on training level

In the event that you are considering adopting a horse in the future but not right now, many of our supporters enjoy visiting the ranch to learn about our mission and our horses. Our visiting hours are between 1:00 and 4:00 pm on Saturday’s.  Tours are given by volunteers, and this is not the time to discuss adoption or ask to view specific horses.