Kolcheck Update

Kolcheck is thoroughly enjoying his life as a wanted horse. His adopters gush that he is loving and affectionate, that he adores his giant-sized paddock and customized shelter complete with…you guessed it, an enormous “comfort stall mattress”. Watching him turned out in pasture is like watching a beach ball bouncing on the sand; joyful, unrestrained, and free. He relishes his life which is dramatically different today from the neglected and dangerous life that he barely survived prior to being rescued by Red Bucket. He no longer remembers the violent threat of slaughter, or the uncertain lack of care and the mishandling. Today Kolcheck is living the Red Bucket promise…he is home, he is happy and safe, and he is no doubt grateful. Congratulations and best wishes to Kolcheck, Tracey, Bob…and their new menagerie of the wanted and treasured. Warm thanks to all who contribute to making our lifesaving work possible…it matters!