Red Bucket Forever Home #256 – Scion

It is said that the world is quite small…and the horse world is even smaller. When eight-year-old Ryder asked for money in lieu of birthday presents, and then used the money to buy items off of the Red Bucket wish list to help our horses, little did she know the chain of events that would follow. Not only did her entire family become part of our extended family…but now Ryder’s equally selfless mother Erin has adopted her very own forever horse, Scion, from Red Bucket. To make the story even more magical, Ryder’s family has just purchased a beautiful little property complete with a pasture, ring…and red barn!

Arrangements are already being made for Ryder’s pony Ginger and Erin’s dream horse Scion to move to an enchanted farm where they will live happily ever after. We simply cannot tell this story without acknowledging the life-changing ripple that was caused by one very precious child, who sacrificed her own birthday in order to make the world a better place for the once unwanted. Nor can we not acknowledge the incredible parents, Greg and Erin, for their extraordinary parenting and role modeling. Please join us in celebrating Scion’s wonderful happily ever after…and the entire Perryman family!