September 2017 Adoption Celebration: Maude

“Cut…Print it!” This big, beautiful equine “actress” has found her leading man…and her happily-ever-after!

The entire Red Bucket family honestly believes that every horse that comes into our care, no matter by what circumstance, is extra special, wonderful, inspirational. And every single one of them is. As they heal and learn to trust again and enjoy life…sometimes for the very first time…their true personalities come out of hiding and we all cheer them on and watch, enthralled, as the transformation takes place. One of these extra special horses is our Maude; a big, beautiful girl with a “pocket pony” personality. She loved all the team members from the moment she stepped out of the trailer and into her wonderful new life as a treasured Red Bucket resident. What a total sweetheart she was; a very large girl that many people would mix up with fellow draft horse resident Kolchek, because they looked so much alike. She was extremely gentle with everyone that worked with her from the very first day she was with us, and of course always on the lookout for a treat! One of Maude’s favorite activities from day one as a new resident was her daily turnout in the sunshine. She was a typical, sun-worshipping California girl. That warm sand feels so good to horses when they roll and stretch and scratch their backs during their turnouts.

Maude came to us when we were approached by a rescue colleague who had been involved with Red Bucket in the past. The husband in the family had passed away, and he owned a rescued Percheron draft cross mare that had quite an interesting history. She had “movie creds”, appearing in the movie “Seabiscuit” with Toby McGuire. But now her home was lost with the death of her owner, and our friend and colleague took her in temporarily until suitable arrangements could be made. Of course, we took her in as we believe there is always room for just one more if we tighten our belts and work extra hard. And this big girl’s world was about to change forever. Everything came together for her when she met her wonderful new best friend who worked on the feed crew at the Ranch.

Bob Frazier and his wife Tracey are multiple adopters of Red Bucket horses. This is a love story from the pages of a novel because Bob and Maude fell in love with each other instantly, at first sight. It was instant and dramatic, and another successful adoption was born. Our job at Red Bucket is to carefully assess each horse and match it with the perfect forever family, and this adoption was the perfect match from the beginning.

Miss Maude does have an extremely high opinion of herself! Everything is always all about Maude. She adores Bob, and watching them together is much like watching a kid on his first pony; pure joy that makes everyone else feel happy inside just watching them together! She is so jealous and protective of her special human that he simply must go see her first when he comes to the barn, and only then will she very reluctantly agree to him seeing to the other horses in the family. She is always jockeying for position to make sure she is number one with her special human, and that is why I referred to her as a pocket pony, a very large pocket pony. She follows Bob everywhere she possibly can, much like a friendly puppy. And she does her best to keep the other horses in the family away from her Bob. She simply does not like to share!!

Most horses can get a bit restless in the cross ties, but not Maude. She loves being in the cross ties and having her spa days. A nice bath, shined hooves, a special brushing, and during it all showing nothing but extreme affection.

Our Maude has become quite the princess, and her Red Bucket family could not be happier for her and her special new family. We see nothing but good times, laughter and contentment down the road for all of them…the very best of success stories!

Story by Julie Shields