January 2017 Adoption Celebration: OhSo

  It is no secret that everyone in our Red Bucket family is thrilled when one of our precious equines gets adopted. But some adoptions are so special that we all feel like cheering. This is one of those special adoption stories. Michelle Walker is Red Bucket’s Director of Finance. She also has a full-time career as a CPA, but … Read More

December 2016 Adoption Celebration: Miss Beasley

Equine adoptive families are as unique as human adoptive families. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes, but they share a common bond of love and commitment that makes the family even stronger and more enduring.   Miss Beasley is the 3rd of 4 generations of donkeys that Red Bucket has rescued. Her mother is Tornado, her grandmother is … Read More

October 2016 Adoption Celebration

“I received a call that Cinnamon was going to an auction frequented by kill buyers, and Red Bucket was full at the time,” recalls Susan Peirce. “She was older and not super sound. I get these calls all the time and have to watch the population that we bring in. Rescue is only the beginning, and many are old or … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue Forever Home Found # 196 – Delilah

While most of us love a real life Cinderella story, the “ashes-to-forever-after” story of our beautiful Delilah is bound to produce goosebumps on even the hottest of days. Delilah came to us starving, hopeless, suffering from a painful and untreated infection, and within hours of being sent to slaughter. But final tragedy was not to befall her as she came … Read More

September 2016 Adoption Celebration: Boomer

According to Susan Peirce, “Most donkeys just have a lot of personality. When our donkeys come to us, they range from being feral, to wild and to domesticated. Even within that range, Boomer was special. Unlike most other donkeys, Boomer, a 2-yearold, was extremely shy. He also seemed exceptionally kind.” Susan said that Boomer was also the easiest donkey at … Read More

Adoption Update: Grande

Out of sight and out of mind, he had been relegated to an isolated, boarded-up bull pen with no shelter, little food, zero contact, and no hope. In spite of his then poor condition and gaunt frame, we almost needed a shoe horn to squeeze his giant body into our trailer during his rescue, and yet, as if glimpsing a … Read More

July 2016 Adoption Celebration: Waikiki and Nicole

Every horse that finds its way to Red Bucket has a special story and Waikiki’s is one that reminds you that there really is such a thing as fate or destiny. Nicole Higdon had a prior relationship with Red Bucket through her business activities, so when it came time to try to find a companion for her 27-year-old horse, she … Read More

June 2016 Adoption Celebration: Juble

Susan Peirce laughs when she thinks of Juble, a very special donkey. “He is ridiculous,” she says with a chuckle as she recalls his unique personality. Juble first came to Red Bucket with his friend, Blossom. Both were stray donkeys that were picked up by Animal Control and scheduled for euthanasia when a Good Samaritan took them in. She contacted … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue Forever Home #193 – OhSo

It is safe to say that OhSo awoke pinching himself at his good fortune…he has been adopted and is now the dream-come-true for Michelle, who could barely leave his side (or stall) to return to work this morning. It is also safe to say that Michelle is “OhSo” over the moon, and that her feet have not touched the ground. … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue Forever Home Found #191 – Lily

In what is truly a rags-to-riches story, Lily has risen from the ashes of starvation, desperation and a neglectfulness that resulted in her being untrained, unconfident, and ultimately unwanted. Our work places great emphasis on gifting our horses with the time that they need to recover and regain their self-esteem, rehabilitation in which to heal, and training in which to … Read More