Red Bucket Equine Rescue Forever Home Found #59- Waffles

Sometimes it just doesn’t get any better. A precious donkey wandering the streets, hungry and alone is picked up by Animal Control. In the charmed tale of the ever adorable Waffles the Donkey, Animal Control called Red Bucket, and the delightful transformation of Waffles began. Once Waffles arrived (and was gelded…not the wonderful part, but necessary) Ryan, Ron and a … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue Forever Home #58- Tonka

He came to us completely shattered, guarded and untrusting, he was unresponsive to kindness, our gentle advances, or even an extended treat. He had retreated to a place deep within himself, the only reaction that he showed was fear and distrust. His first friend was Haylee, she taught him first to to trust, then to love…and be loved. His second friend … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 57- Forever Home Found- Hot Rod

Christmas two years ago, Shavers ( pictured right ) was given thirty days to live. He had been a family pet for 25 years….many of those years were spent in neglectful isolation. Lonely and ignored without even basic care, Shavers family not wanting to continue to pay his board payment called a vet to have him put down. Fortunately, that … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue Forever Home Found #56- Marigold

While we maintain that the horse’s name IS very important, we have all been touched by Marigold’s reaction to Karen cheerfully calling out ” Boo Boo ” . Marigold who has been described as a little stand-offish by others, lights up…perks up…and literally beams when she hears Karen coming down the barn aisle….coming for her! All of our horses have a story, all … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue Forever Homes Found #54 Goliath and #55 Dustin

Unwanted? We don’t think so. This morning, the day after Thanksgiving, our unannounced field visit found our two newest adoptees sharing a fresh pile of orchard hay, both with clean shavings clinging to their otherwise spotless coats, both sporting a holiday hair do complements of the children of the Hillcrest Pony club…Goliath with a stud braid, and Dustin with a more … Read More

Amanda and Viroko

Amanda’s farrier asked her….” What would you do if you could never ride him?” Here response was..” I would never ride him, of course “Viroko and Amanda are definitely a Red Bucket success story, she called him her dream come true from the very beginning. When her Grandmother presented him to Amanda as a Christmas gift, we all were deeply … Read More

Magnum and Dashiel Update

At Red Bucket, we are suckers for a happy ending….Magnum and Dashiel who were rescued near the brink of death, starving, neglected and only hours from the horrors of slaughter, live happily ever after in Wales with their adoring Strawford family. The Strawford’s originally came to us wanting one horse….and fell in love twice. In December of 2010, Ali Strawford … Read More

Forever Home #43 – Piper

She came to us nameless, starving and having suffered unspeakable neglect. We found her with 50 other horses, too emaciated to run through the auction, they were within hours of the kill truck  coming to haul them to slaughter. We named her Piper. While she had been handled very little, she blossomed elegantly, showing herself to be intelligent, gentle, and a leader … Read More

Julie and Nikki’s happily ever after!

With a lump in our throats and joy in our hearts, we are thrilled to announce that Nikki has found her forever home! Julie Shields, one of our very own ‘ red riding hoods ‘ has made it official! Julie will be keeping Nikki at the HCPEC. Nikki’s new role in life will be buddy and family pet. Julie is … Read More

Happy second chance, Austin!

It is doubtful that the Red Riding Hoods will be wearing mascara this weekend. September 2, 2011 Austin got adopted. This beauty who came to us emaciated, fearful and within just a few hours of the slaughter truck, left us well trained, shiny and confident. He will always be our cookie monster, ginger and class clown. So now this horse … Read More