Red Bucket Equine Rescue #122 – Elliot

We have heard the words before….”stray”, “left to die”, “abandoned”, it is the chosen life that we now lead…yet, we can’t completely wrap our heads around anyone intentionally abandoning a helpless little animal on a property, and then locking the gate…and walking away. We have seen the signs before…..fear, terror, a tail tucked between the legs, a hunched back, uncontrollable … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 121- Miller

He was standing in what was akin to a cage having been captive for eight long months, the stall so small that his large body dwarfed it…no place to move, cramped and filthy with little room to live and no room to lie. The uneven floor covered in manure and void of bedding. His knees and front of his fetlocks … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 120- Marigold

“Saving one horse wont change the world, but for that one horse, the whole world changes…” We still can’t wrap our heads around the amount of suffering, pain and neglect that our American horses endure….the tragedy that faces 100,000 of our horses each year at slaughter, or the tens of thousands of horses that are starved and abused. We are grateful … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 119-Lulu

For the last few days we have been choking back the lumps in our throats, politely nodding silently as people express their condolences over us losing our treasured little buddy, Hot Wheels. A few people told us ” things happen for a reason ” , well intentioned words that we aren’t buying. There is undeniable irony though, which is not … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 118- Riot

People make promises all of the time…” I promise to be home on time “, ” I promise, I will do it tomorrow “, promises are easy to make , take lightly and ….easy to break. We met Riot last week and promised to go back and pick him up. At first, it sounded from his description that he was feral, … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 117- Isabella

We wanted her to have a beautiful name to grow into. Her starvation, abuse and neglect is evidenced by bones so close to piercing through her skin that it has the effect of fingers on a chalk board. When we removed the oversized temporary fly mask provided by Animal Control and saw her hungry, pleading, and suffering eyes we were … Read More

Red Bucket Rescue # 116- Jess

When we were first contacted by Riverside Animal control about two starving horses that had been confiscated, we felt horrible for the horses. We are full, very very full, so taking them in wasn’t on our mind…..until we saw them. We saw Jess first, her starvation and criminal neglect hadn’t robbed her of her desire to be touched, or nurtured. … Read More

Red Bucket Rescue # 115- Spice

Sugar and spice and everything nice…..that is what horses are made of, especially our new 15 year old thoroughbred gelding, Spice. Spice is a little more sweet than spicy. Diana reported during grooming yesterday that he just wanted to be touched and scratched, he melted into her closing his eyes and enjoying the intimacy. Michelle was gushing about how he … Read More

Red Bucket Rescue # 114 Dixon

From  the moment that we say “yes” to a horse, they are ours…we are committed to them 100%. We don’t need a picture, we never care what they look like, that is why it is called unconditional love. We often times white knuckle it waiting until they arrive safely, periods of silence in the rescue world can be terrifying, especially … Read More

Pixie the Pony – Rescue #112

Pixie The Pony was initially rescued in 2009 by our good friend Shirley Puga. Pixie, was a baby at the time…at an auction with a brute ( thankfully since banned from the Bakersfield auction )She was ” ridden ” in  with a huge maniac on her little frame in a gigantic saddle engulfing her petite and underdeveloped body. Her eyes … Read More