April 2018 Horse Highlight: Micah and Maverick

Jubilant, energetic, and the happiest best friends ever…Micah and Maverick are amazing examples of how Red Bucket’s commitment to our horses comes shining through…

“Micah and Maverick are perfect examples of Red Bucket’s dedication to finding that ‘perfect buddy’ for all of our residents,” says team member Linda Rose. This beautiful friendship has been wonderful to watch blossoming after months of Red Bucket Magic and the two colts’ completion of Charm Farm. Roomies for the past two years, both boys enjoy several hours a day in one of the special herds designed just for our residents with equal playfulness and ‘spunk’ according to Jenon Mathes, another dedicated Red Bucket team member. Socialization, along with good friendships among the equines, is an important part of life here on the Ranch the Horses Own.

“There is not a day that goes by without Micah’s signature whinny from his paddock on the east side of the Ranch where both boys stand, anxiously awaiting their turn for an afternoon herd turn-out with the ‘big boys’ or young herd,” says Red Bucket team member Michelle Walker. She continues, “The saying ‘boys will be boys’ rings so true when describing these two precious, jubilant and energetic youngsters!”

Rescued from a certain death sentence, Micah’s sweet mother Angelica came to Red Bucket immediately after his birth. Linda Rose explains, “It was a miracle that she managed to deliver a living foal, as she was literally skin and bones when she arrived at the Ranch with her terrified newborn foal.” Jenon Mathes says of Micah,” He was a little ‘Fireball’ right from the beginning. His arrival was in the middle of foaling season and we had already been blessed with McGarrah and Kami, soon to be followed by Mathe. The four of them thoroughly enjoyed their play dates while their mothers took a break from the energetic babies. When the mares were granted sanctuary, the babies all enjoyed herd time with Jack and Brinkley watching over them…Winni was also part of this group…and poor Micah was the only colt at the time and was often rejected by all the girls”, says Jenon. “Micah grew up strong, healthy and definitely ‘all boy’! After weaning, Micah was placed with a slightly

older colt named Ranger. Their relationship grew and the two boys got along beautifully,” says Linda.

Maverick arrived from a less-than-desirable situation. The call came in to Red Bucket about an abandoned one and a half year old colt…left behind to die on an abandoned horse property in Nuevo. Equipped with a rope and a bucket of grain, Susan set out to rescue the wild and feral colt on the 100-acre property. “It took us hours to finally catch the frightened and starving yearling, but patience and kindness eventually won the day”, according to Linda. Maverick eventually found himself on the Ranch the Horses Own…safe and loved. “He had not been handled, wasn’t halter trained, had most likely never been groomed and was scared of everything! Once he was acclimated and started ‘Charm Farm’ he blossomed into a confident and playful youngster…the perfect ‘bestie’ for Micah,” says Jenon.

The boys have been stall mates and best buddies ever since and enjoy several hours a day in one of the special herds designed just for our Red Bucket residents. Their pivotal four-year-old mark will soon commence with their formal training. Michelle adds, “We await their upcoming under-saddle training with enthusiasm and gratitude, as this represents the next chapter for both Maverick and Micah in their journey to a permanent, forever home.”

There is a large class of four-year-olds commencing training this spring. If you are interested in sponsoring either Micah or Maverick’s early under-saddle training, either on an individual basis or as a group, please contact Red Bucket Equine Rescue at redbucketrescue.org. We would love to include you as an important member of OUR MISSION to save and rehabilitate horses, restore their trust in humankind, and find them safe, loving permanent adoptive homes.

Written by: Johanna Downs