February 2017 Horse Highlight: Rosie

Cute as a button, phenomenally well trained and possessing a great work ethic…our adorable February Highlighted horse “Rosie” is looking for that perfect fit in a new forever home.

“This beautiful stock paint chestnut mare with four white socks is known as our Rosie of all trades,” according to Red Bucket. Every girl dreams about owning a horse like Rosie. She is highly trained in both Western and English and is just as comfortable if taken on a pleasurable trail ride! She has an amazing work ethic inside the arena, which is indicative of her abundant training. Rosie will make someone the perfect all-around horse. She is an excellent choice for an owner who will spend quality time in the riding arena along with giving her a lot of love and attention.

Red Bucket Team Member Linda Rose explains, “Rosie is so, so special. She is totally ready to find the perfect home. She is sound, perfectly trained and solid as a rock.” Rosie has an amazing personality, and is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

When Rosie began her second chance at Red Bucket, we made an extra quick effort to find her a suitable stall mate who would hopefully provide a much-needed friendship…helping Rosie to fill the large hole in her heart and life. One of our sweet minded and kind mares, Autumn, was thought to be the perfect match. She and Rosie were introduced and became immediately bonded buddies and close to inseparable.

“Rosie is used as one of the curry comb class instruction horses. Red Bucket team member Michelle Mendez says, “Once we start grooming her and give her scratches on the left side of her neck she completely relaxes…her head drops, her eyes get heavy and her lip hangs down showing how much she thoroughly enjoys the curry comb class! She is always excited to go back to her stall for dinner and to meet back up with Autumn.

Nadia Bridges agrees with Michelle, stating, “She likes to eat and enjoys her enrichment and turnout time together with best buddy Autumn out in the afternoon sunshine!” Rosie also had a cameo role in the recent movie “Emma’s Chance” which featured Red Bucket’s mission and horses.

Rosie will be best suited in a home where she can shine where she is loved and adored. She will blossom in a close relationship shared with a devoted owner who believes, “you belong to me and I belong to you.” Rosie is ready and willing to take on new horizons. She is the perfect age at thirteen; sound, impeccably trained and beautiful! Though Rosie will not give her heart away easily, the perfect match is out there to be found. With Rosie’s superb training and lovability for that one special

and devoted owner, perhaps this is your dream horse! Rosie is a gem and she is completely ready for adoption to a wonderful new happily-ever-after forever home.

Written by: Johanna Downs