January 2017 Horse Highlight: Blades

Charming, grateful and accepting…just a few of the many wonderful attributes of a horse who was all but given up on…ready to be shipped off to slaughter until Red Bucket Equine Rescue answered the call and made room for “Just One More.”

“Blades is a very gentle soul,” says leadership team Jenon Mathes. “It is also plain to see he has not had a very kind or gentle past,” she continues. When the call came in to the ranch, we were full to the brim with little to no room left for more. The man on the phone explained he had a former racehorse that was ready to be hauled off to slaughter. The young thoroughbred had obviously been abused and was considered useless now in the racing world. He would bring him to the ranch and drop him off if there was room available. As Blades hobbled out of the trailer that first day, it was apparent he was a horse who had endured much harsh treatment and sustained several injuries.

Once Blades arrived at Red Bucket, the team members gathered around to assure him he was now in a place of safety and love. Susan Peirce asked, “How does everyone like the name Blades?” Lucia Blades was overwhelmed with tears at the honor of having him named after her and her husband Steve. Both are hard-working team members at the ranch. “We are the newest kids on the block,” exclaims Lucia. “My husband Steve can always be found doing maintenance and handyman work at Red Bucket!” Lucia says she loves Blades immensely and knows he will make someone a fabulous companion horse. “He’s a sweetheart and deserves the loving and safe place that he has at Red Bucket.”

An X-ray confirmed our initial suspicions about Blades’ life of neglect and abuse. After a careful and thorough examination with the veterinarian and checking his lip tattoo, it was determined he had started on the racing circuit at a very early age, was severely injured, and then retired. After leaving the track, despite having multiple fractures on his front legs, he continued to be ridden, and was malnourished and treated callously.

Jenon sums up Blades this way: “He is a very kind and tender soul. Though there is severe damage to his front legs, he has a very gracious spirit.” She continues, “He is very accepting of his change of stalls and neighbors when we move the resident horses around. His ground manners were perfect upon his arrival. Even as he gained the much needed weight he’d lost from his prior life of abuse and neglect and as his energy returned, he has remained a gentleman.”

Blades has developed a keen friendship with little Finn and enjoys their time together. He is considered a very easy keeper and will make a perfect companion horse! He does not ask for much and is grateful for any and all attention that comes his way. Jenon states, “Many of our team members are

finding it difficult to resist his quiet charm.” Team member Carol De Mott says, “Blades is a very handsome boy and a delight to feed. When he and Ranger shared a paddock, I would feed Blades out of his bucket and be reminded of his calm, gentle and grateful nature.”

If you are looking for a great companion, who will quietly charm his way into your heart, look no further! Blades is eagerly awaiting the right “best friend and buddy” who will give him a loving home with all of the attention this kind and gentle horse deserves.

Written by: Johanna Downs