January 2018 Horse Highlight: Sporty

Horse Highlight: Sporty

Gentle, sound and kind-hearted…with remarkable work ethic and adored by all at Red Bucket…Sporty enjoys performing the immediate task at hand paired with impeccable ground manners, making him one extraordinary horse!

Sporty is at the top of Red Bucket leadership team member Michelle Mendez’s “Why I love Redheads” list! He is a handsome chestnut quarter horse with the integrity of a worker-bee. Sporty has developed into a big favorite in his short time at Red Bucket. “He is a special horse who loves to be adored and treasured,” says Michelle.

“Sporty arrived with the elegance of a horse who knew his job, but was also a bit confused about his new role on the Ranch,” says Director of Equine Care, Team Training and Safety, Jenon Mathes. “He has impeccable ground manners and the confidence of a ‘School Master’ not really ready for retirement,” says Jenon. Michelle Mendez emphasizes that Sporty is a horse who appreciates reassurance that everything will be ok. “I believe when he first came to the Ranch that’s what he was saying to me. He gives me that special look.” Michelle continues that Sporty is such a gentle and loving horse…who came to Red Bucket filled with some anxiety, but after only a few short weeks was reassured by Michelle and other team members, with much love and attention.

In short order Sporty made it apparent that one of his biggest wants was to have a stall mate and friend. “Sporty was not shy making his needs known…and finding him a friend was a top priority,” says Michelle. “He is such a benevolent and pleasant horse but we all felt his anxiety and assured him that we were going to find the perfect friend,” she continues. After careful evaluation and selection he now has a best friend named Tyler. Michelle says, “They immediately bonded, no fussing…just two great guys hanging out and eating their meals out of the same ground feeder. Sporty and Tyler have a wonderful partnership.” He has socially bonded to Tyler and they now live peacefully together. Jenon says, “While Tyler goes out at night with the overnight herd, Sporty prefers to remain in his well-bedded stall enjoying his ‘alone time’ but he also relishes human companionship.”

When Tyler returns home to their paddock in the morning, Sporty is always there to greet him with a whinny!

Susan Peirce sums Sporty up by saying, “He is well trained, kind-hearted and ready for a home where he will be loved and adored to pieces!” Sporty will make a perfect family horse. He enjoys feeling ‘special’ and having an important job to accomplish. He gets along well with other horses and requires very little maintenance. Sporty is a complete gentleman while being groomed according to Jenon. “His gentle disposition and eagerness to please is most charming and he has become a favorite to many of the Red Bucket Family,” says Jenon.

Written by: Johanna Downs