Red Bucket Equine Rescue #374 – Blotzer

It is unimaginable to comprehend the torment and agony that Blotzer experienced. Certainly there are signs of the abuse that preceded a traumatic blow to his eye that left him not only permanently blind, but suffering. Seriously injured, he was left abandoned in a dry riverbed, defenseless, terrified, and in what our vet described as “excruciating pain”. He suffered for over 2 1/2 weeks without any medical attention or pain relief. We are grateful that he is with us, grateful for the kindness of a stranger that helped bring him to a ranch that he now owns, and for our own wonderful Dr. Treser who made Blotzer a priority on a very busy and over-scheduled day. We are grateful for his life…we are grateful that we could say “yes”, and grateful for all those who support our lifesaving work.  Please join us in welcoming this precious life to our loving community. We will look forward to sharing happier highlights and updates!