Red Bucket Equine Rescue #390 – Dot RB

Red Bucket and JuJu would like to proudly introduce little Dot. For those of you who guessed that JuJu would have a healthy Strawberry Roan Filly, you were absolutely correct! Dot has amazed us all with her sweetness, strength, and zest for life. She was standing and nursing within an hour, and  JuJu, a  previously slaughter-bound youngster herself, has proven to be an exceptional mother. Both JuJu and Dot have a bright future ahead of them. Little Dot, who is just starting to develop an opinion (about almost everything!) will never know the violent and brutal fate that she so narrowly escaped. JuJu and Dot are accepting visitors every Sunday from 1:00-4:00. For those interested in contributing toward Dot’s scholarship fund please visit our website at or kindly mail your tax deductible gift to Red Bucket, 2885 English Road, Chino Hills CA 91709. Enormous thanks to all who support our lifesaving work!