Acteur inspects neatly folded towels!

We are extraordinarily grateful to those who are remembering our lifesaving work, team,…and Treasured Residents during this trying time!

Huge thanks to Donna Murphy for continuing to serve by doing much needed laundry and donating applesauce (which helps the horses‘ medicine “go down”)!

Since paper towels are difficult to come by, clean laundry and donated towels are greatly needed and sincerely appreciated!

Mr. Rogers did his research and would like to share a few helpful laundry tips from the CDC:

– Wear disposable gloves;
– Do not shake dirty laundry;
– Wash items in the warmest appropriate water setting;
– Clean & disinfect hampers and other hard or soft container surfaces used to transport laundry; and,
– Wash hands with soap & water immediately after removing gloves!