Cooper’s Herd

They say birds of a feather flock together…in this case it appears to be true for grays, although the Warmblood/Quarter Horse component does not appear to be an issue! In our dedication to continue to enrich the lives of our Treasured Residents, we persist in building herds that allow for and foster the mind, body and spirit…and…the horses’ innate requirement for socialization and grazing. Our team celebrated when Cooper (who previously had repeatedly declined herd enrichment) happily joined our “Bays, Grays, and Paints Herd” (and yes…they always subdivide by color) and showed no interest in our Paints who hang out together (of course), but with great pleasure joined River Type and Dreamer for an afternoon at “the salad bar”! The horses weren’t the only ones satisfied…our team cheered and celebrated too! So grateful to serve and so profoundly grateful for Cooper’s immediate upgrade in happiness. In honor of the new friendships,  Michelle has renamed the herd “Cooper’s Herd”!