Good-bye, dear Miller

If midnight is the darkest shade of blue, it is that very color that has settled with a melancholy blanket of sadness on our little ranch. We first rescued Miller, a magnificent yet horribly abused and chronically injured Oldenburg, from the confinement of a chicken coop. Early this morning, with his stunning head in our lap, we said a final farewell as he walked through the gates…and over the rainbow bridge. No longer lame, and having been fueled by kindness, dignity, and the true embrace of love…and his very own red bucket, he left us knowing the feeling of being wanted. At Red Bucket, we stand very firmly on the side of protecting and enriching the lives of our precious residents. Our tears and grief are a tribute of love, and a reminder that we must never stop. As is our custom, Miller will be toasted and grieved this Saturday at 4:00 pm. All those who wish to honor him and say good-bye are welcome.