Jesse Coker…our hero!

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We have said it, and we believe it…it truly does take a village. In this case, it also takes a hero, and our hero, supporter, and long-time friend, Farrier Jesse Coker, stepped up…and out into the blazing heat, to help us trim or darling (but…very opinionated) donkeys. Suffice it to say that while adorable and very gentle on many levels, our donkeys have definitely not graduated from the farrier portion of Red Bucket Charm Farm! We cannot begin to express our gratitude for the selfless service of Jesse Coker who remained unruffled, gracious and good-natured throughout the process…and that was after shoeing and trimming our horses all morning long. Warm thanks (and it was a very warm day) and sincere appreciation to Jesse; our friend, gentleman, all around good guy, and generous humanitarian! We are very grateful!!!