Red Bucket Equine Rescue Forever Home Found #252 – Cooper

When a heartbroken Phyllis reached out to us, she needed our help…and fast. Phyllis had just lost her cherished 27-year-old mare, Annie, leaving Annie’s soulmate Caesar alone, grieving, and inconsolable. We jumped to action right away; Phyllis submitted an adoption application, we completed our background check and home visit, and interviewed Phyllis on Caesar’s needs and temperament. Within seven hours, Cooper – having been carefully groomed, wrapped and kissed (multiple times..and we really mean multiple) arrived at his new forever home. Caesar and Cooper spent the first night nose-to-nose (over a fence for safety) and Phyllis spent the first night in several, sleeping peacefully knowing that Caesar had a new friend…and that Cooper had a new forever home and a family of his very own. Today both Cooper and Caesar enjoy a life of luxury, adoration, and true friendship. Congratulations and heartfelt love to Cooper, Caesar, and Phyllis!