The Honor of Serving

We are pausing for a moment to reflect upon the honor of serving our treasured residents, valued team members, and community. The work of rescue is arduous, filled with long hours, sleepless nights, weary bodies, and unquestionable heartbreak. With summer winding down we have still-vivid memories of steamy days of scrubbing and refilling stock tanks, wiping down auto waterers, and other such chores that are less than personally enriching, yet serve our horses’ greatest needs. The work behind the scenes is also daunting and riddled with challenge, fear, and anxiety that robs our too little sleep of peace. The very real world of equine rescue is that of service, selflessness, and sacrifice. Service by its definition illustrates the act of giving or helping. It falls short, however, in any way of remotely identifying or capturing what it means at Red Bucket. We, the rescuers, find our profound satisfaction in the transformation of shattered and suffering equines into life, love, and a promise that means something to us and to the horses we save and serve. Many grateful thanks to all who serve and make our lifesaving work possible. Today we remember Violet, and while many of our current community may not know her, you are very much a part of the promise that we made to her…and we are grateful. We are also personally enriched, as together we are making the world a better place.