Rescued Horses given 30 days to leave H.B. home

The Red Bucket Equine Rescue has received a letter asking that they leave the Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center by Feb. 15.

Susan Peirce, who founded the rescue, must find a home for 40 formerly abused horses (see shocking before and after photos) living at the center. Another 16 horses that Red Bucket has rescued from starvation and neglect are out at pasture in Temecula.


Mary Behrens, the owner of the equestrian center, has told Peirce that the horses must be out of their stables in 30 days. The letter also says Peirce can take them out to pasture on land adjacent to the stable for another 60 days if she needs extra time.

But Peirce says about a dozen of the horses are healing from injuries and broken bones and cannot be moved to pasture, so she is hunting for a new facility.

A Newport Beach donor is prepared to help pay for the relocation, but the offer isn’t enough to buy real estate, Peirce says. The donor wishes to remain anonymous, but Peirce says she has stepped up because “she wants to see our work continue.”

Since it was founded three years ago, The Red Bucket has saved 96 horses. Some of the animals were found starving in their stalls, eating each other’s tails. Others were found beaten or tied to trees and abandoned.

After rescuing the horses, more than 300 Red Bucket volunteers donate their time to rehabilitate the animals and work with them so they can find permanent homes. Peirce said the rescue is working on its 42nd adoption.

Peirce says she is worried about finding a new home so quickly, but confident that she’ll have an answer at some point. “There’s a sense of urgency… but I see my role as problem solving.”

Behrens could not be reached for comment.

When asked if she knew why Red Bucket was being asked to leave, Peirce said: “This is a business for (Behrens) and she brought in a new management company and they want her to increase profits and fill stalls with people paying board.”

This isn’t the first time Behrens asked Red Bucket to find a new home.

In June, Behrens told Peirce she had until September to leave because she couldn’t afford to support them anymore. The Register wrote a story, and readers sent in $300,000 to help the rescue pay its bills. Red Bucket has been paying for electricity, water, bedding and other necessities for the horses, but the center is not making a profit off them.

“We were there for three years,” Peirce says. “We’re very grateful for being a part of Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center.”

Original Article from OC Register