A Tribute to Blazer – 2009

On Monday, August 17, our beloved Blazer crossed over the rainbow bridge. After a valiant and unyielding fight, he succumbed to an infection in his left hind leg. I am so grateful to have been able to kiss him last night and watch as he gobbled up a handful of cookies.  There are some horses I will never forget. Blazer … Read More

Becoming a Voice for the Voiceless

A new article was posted on Madeleine Pickens’ site about Red Bucket Rescue. Southern California horse rescue group gives abandoned and neglected horses a second chance at life The truck was dark, dingy, and smelled of fear and death. The 4-month-old bay colt forgot about his sore leg and became curious about his trip. Perhaps he was going to a … Read More

OC Register writes article about Red Bucket

The OC Register wrote a 2 day article about Red Bucket rescue. We’ve posted a copy of the article here as well Day 1 – They save horses, don’t they? Day 2 – These horses go from death’s door to paradise Day 1 The frigid January air seeps through their clothing and stings their skin. Fatigue settles in their arms … Read More