Rescued Horses given 30 days to leave H.B. home

The Red Bucket Equine Rescue has received a letter asking that they leave the Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center by Feb. 15. Susan Peirce, who founded the rescue, must find a home for 40 formerly abused horses (see shocking before and after photos) living at the center. Another 16 horses that Red Bucket has rescued from starvation and neglect are … Read More

Julie and Nikki’s happily ever after!

With a lump in our throats and joy in our hearts, we are thrilled to announce that Nikki has found her forever home! Julie Shields, one of our very own ‘ red riding hoods ‘ has made it official! Julie will be keeping Nikki at the HCPEC. Nikki’s new role in life will be buddy and family pet. Julie is … Read More

Happy second chance, Austin!

It is doubtful that the Red Riding Hoods will be wearing mascara this weekend. September 2, 2011 Austin got adopted. This beauty who came to us emaciated, fearful and within just a few hours of the slaughter truck, left us well trained, shiny and confident. He will always be our cookie monster, ginger and class clown. So now this horse … Read More

$230,000 collected for starved O.C. horses

It’s a Cinderella story for dozens of starved horses, thanks to some Orange County heroes. Last month I wrote a story about a horse rescue in Huntington Beach in need of help. Red Bucket Equine Rescue had saved 86 horses, some starved and abused, others found chewing each others tails off for food or headed for the slaughter truck. See stunning before and … Read More

Starved rescue horses lose O.C. home

One horse was found starving and tied to a tree at a park in Long Beach. Another was found so emaciated in his stall that his hip bone had pierced his hide. And then there was the stable of skin and bones stallions found chewing each others tails off for something to eat. They are some of the 84 horses Susan … Read More

What Red Bucket Means to Rexanne and Thomas

What does Red Bucket mean to you? – Growing up with horses, I always valued the connection between horse and rider. However, taking a horse that has nothing and giving him comfort, compassion, understanding, and love, creates a connection like none I have experienced before. I have had the privilege of being able to volunteer in many capacities: fundraisers, planning committees, … Read More

The High Cost of Horse Sense

From NBC 4 Article: The High Cost of Horse Sense, By VIKKI VARGAS Nicky is a four-legged victim of the economy, from her mane to her tail. The 15-year-old Palomino was rescued more than a year ago and placed in a new home. But she was returned twice to the people who initially rescued her because her new owners lost their jobs. … Read More