Introducing Red Bucket Equine Rescue #282-Leoni

leoni laying down Our beautiful Leoni is a remarkable example of how resilient, grateful, and deserving rescued animals, and in this case rescued horses, are. At the time of her rescue she was feral, pregnant and slaughter-bound. Initially she considered us carefully, watching our every move through the lens of a skeptical survivor. She has exhaled into the final days of her pregnancy, settling into a peaceful routine of eating, lumbering strolls, sunny turnouts, and resting on a clean bed of straw in which she not-so-gracefully drops the heaviness of her body, thudding into a nest of not only softness…but what she now knows is safety. She has turned a corner and is enjoying her final maternity moments, preparing for the birth of her last foal. We too are preparing, watching….but not resting…as we prepare to welcome Leoni’s foal into the world as a wanted horse. Welcome Leoni, to the ranch that you own.