Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 270- Olaf The Giant

While they all have a story…only a few have a Guardian Angel. Olaf The Giant certainly has a story, and fortunately the latter. An abused carriage horse, recklessly over-worked to the point of road founder, when his crippled condition made his job unbearable, and made him useless, his owner stopped feeding him. No longer wanted, he was transported callously to an auction frequented by kill buyers (who else would bid on a starving, crippled Draft?). He was in so much pain that he could barely stand; rather arduously and with evident discomfort shifting his weight, unable to relieve the throbbing pulses and relentless, searing, and inescapable driving agony. Katie, mourning the very recent and raw loss of her beloved adopted Belgian, for a reason that was at that time unexplainable, found herself wandering the haunted pens of the auction. Stumbling upon the desperate Percheron, she did what so many others only wished they would do…emptied her bank account to save a stranger. She took it a step further, and cared for him…loved him…and then asked Red Bucket for help. Red Bucket was founded on the deeply held premise of doing the right thing. When we heard about Katie, who was willing to do the same, it was obvious to us that Olaf The Giant would be receiving his very own Red Bucket, and a completed promise that Katie started. We welcome Olaf The Giant, and are grateful for Katie, and those who are in the right place at the right time…and who do the right thing!