Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 274 -Callum

Callum blown up knee 1.15Callum blown up knee 2 1.15
He has likely suffered daily abuse, and wears a coat of ragged scars and painful reminders of a loveless and brutal life. While he has a severely broken and uncared for knee, painful hock, multiple injuries, a lacerated tongue, a myriad of saddle sores….and a hunger that is much deeper and more profound than the exposed ribs and coarse coat. It is probably safe to assume that we saved him in the nick of time. He had been violently abused and used until he could no longer walk or even fight back. Late last night night we tucked him into a warm bed with pain relief and a dinner of fresh hay…and a handful of eagerly devoured carrots. This morning we completed his intake and developed a plan for his first week…consisting of non steroidal pain relievers, lots of groceries, a well bedded stall, and…an abundance of TLC. Shona was given the honor of naming him, and she chose “Callum” after a special cousin who she best describes as big hearted, warm and charming. In addition to his new name, Callum will receive a red bucket, the gift of dignity…and a promise that really means something to us, and will soon mean the world to him, as it is the promise of his life…forever. Thank you to Dr. Treser and Steve for making us your first stop of the day, and for the “I am glad that you saved him” comment…we are glad we saved him too.