Red Bucket Equine Rescue #279- Cornelia

Cornelia rollingCornelia in trailer jpg It has been our practice to save as many horses as we possibly can…and then one more. Our ranch is peppered with marvelous examples of that “one more” horse saved due to our willingness…obligation…to do, or save, just a little bit more. At the least, are reminded daily of our “one more” every time that Roulette gleefully trots toward a visitor, or Wallace accompanies his BFF Polo on a jaunt to the turnout, or we laugh behind our hand at Buffy’s silly antics. During our rescue efforts of Kitty, Molly and Tilly, we became aware of a small, pregnant pony that had been sent to the livestock slaughter auction. Her time was running out. Hungry, with overgrown feet and signs of abuse, she was terrified, lonely, and most certainly out of luck. It was an act of doing the right thing…and serving just one more (or two really, as she is pregnant) that formed the word “yes” on our lips and commitment in our step. Little Cornelia was beyond frightened, too afraid to even step out of the trailer and too terrified to be touched. She has settled into a blissful and safe new world at Red Bucket. Her days are full of sunshine, frequent and consistent meals, and a peacefulness that she is starting to count on. She now is enjoying being touched, groomed and even cuddled. Cornelia is now beginning to anticipate visitors…and the treats that come with the friendly company. Her little belly is filling out and her eye is softening. In rescuing just “one more”, we have also saved Cornelia’s foal….one more, yet again.