Red Bucket Equine Rescue #315-Stella

It is a story that is all too familiar. A neglected and abused mare intentionally bred for the purpose of having her weigh more on slaughter auction day. Stella has never known kindness, safety, or the security of knowing that she would be fed. That’s what she did not know. Perhaps it is what she did know that was worse: that mankind is scary, violent…and violating. That humankind is to be feared and avoided. That they hurt you. We fully intend to give Stella a whole new definition of humankind…that we are gentle, that we will protect her (and the new life growing inside her), that we will feed her and devote ourselves to her care, enrichment and happiness…and that her baby, too, will be safe, we promise! Welcome to the ranch that you own, Stella…and welcome to your second chance!