Red Bucket Horses Saved #291 Pia and #292 Sparrow

Thanks to our FaceBook friends we were able to save 6 slaughter-bound mares and foals from slaughter last month. What a HUGE difference 30 days makes! Our beautiful girls are visibly relaxed and enjoying the tranquility of a peaceful pasture, excellent nutrition, and a healthy environment. The mares are filling out and actually beginning to enjoy nursing and nuzzling their little ones, and the babies are playing and scampering about…safe, happy, and reclaiming an innocence reminiscent of “Yes, Virginia…there really is a Santa Claus”. On our way back from checking on our horses and what we refer to as our “naming party”, we stopped in to Inland Valley Vet to pick up a few necessary supplies for Olaf. Waiting for us was a whole pallet of necessary supplies and thoughtfully selected items including a gigantic over-sized tub of cookies. The items, we were told, had been selected and paid for by our friend and fellow Red Riding Hood, Dr. Adrienne Moore. Suffice it to say that we were completely overwhelmed by yet another selfless and extraordinary act of generosity by Dr. Moore, who already has been so amazing in her support of Red Bucket, our horses, and those of us who serve them. Our budget never would have permitted us to purchase so many necessary items (we are pretty sure hers didn’t either) and the cookies are, of course, a luxury that will be savored and appreciated. Ironically, the first mare was named Pia and her filly Sparrow, in honor of Dr. Moore, who we thank effusively.