Bilek, a final farewell….

He was the very first horse that we rescued when we moved to Red Bucket exactly five years ago today. In a word, he defined the empowerment that owning our ranch stood for. He had been starved and roped until he lost the will to fight…or the bleeding rope burns became so painful that he just froze when the rope … Read More

February 2017 Adoption Celebration: Dixon

From trackside to seaside, this beautiful bay Thoroughbred has run his race…straight into the heart of his loving forever owner! All of the horses that call Red Bucket home are very special, but Dixon, a big, bold and beautiful Thoroughbred gelding, was a real attention magnet. His career had been as a racehorse; raced, injured, raced again, injured again, and … Read More

June 2016 Adoption Celebration: Juble

Susan Peirce laughs when she thinks of Juble, a very special donkey. “He is ridiculous,” she says with a chuckle as she recalls his unique personality. Juble first came to Red Bucket with his friend, Blossom. Both were stray donkeys that were picked up by Animal Control and scheduled for euthanasia when a Good Samaritan took them in. She contacted … Read More

Bilek and Blossom

Bilek was the first horse that we were able to rescue when we first moved to the horses’ ranch in Chino Hills. We were initially filled with a sense of empowerment, as our own ranch allowed us to say “yes”, to do the right thing, and of course…save another life. We were then filled with a disturbing mixture of sadness, … Read More

June 2015 Horse Highlight: Shavers, Casey and Bilek

Just as the Southern California western sky is full of vibrant and beautiful colors at sunset, three of Red Bucket’s delightful geriatric “Golden Boys” can be found living in harmony and peace…each one enjoying well-deserved protection for the remainder of their sunset years. Meet our wonderful 30+ something boys Shavers, Casey and Bilek! All are members of the Red Bucket … Read More

Bilek Update

He was at least 25 years old when we rescued him, thanks to a call from someone who cared. He was clearly starving, dehydrated and hurt…left to die in a riverbed, so utterly abandoned that they had even removed his halter. He had nothing, other than the fresh raw rope burns that painfully marked his back pasterns and weepy infected … Read More