October 2018 Adoption Story: Cupid XO

He knows he’s clever. His stable buddy, a thoroughbred named Magic, will race across the arena to show off his ability with speed. Yet, the stocky pinto pony knows the trick to beating Magic: before the lengthy thoroughbred can reach the other end, the quick- witted pony runs across the middle of the arena to cut him off like a … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue Forever Home Found # 99- Cupid xo

When dealing with “forever” ponies are especially difficult, because children grow….and ponies do not. Cupid xo was a conundrum of sorts as he is sugar and spice and everything ni…ce, and at a little under 12 hands, even a small child would out grow him. Cupid xo is also (as so many ponies are) cuddly, stinken’ cute, too smart for … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue #207- Cupid xo

Well, the saying “sugar and spice and everything nice” has been over used, in this case it is certainly true. Cupid xo is a darling 12.3 hand pinto pony with super ground manners, the bangs of a rock star, and….you got it…the attitude of one super cute, slightly sassy, and irresistible PONY!!! He makes up for his short stature with tons … Read More