February 2017 Adoption Celebration: Dixon

From trackside to seaside, this beautiful bay Thoroughbred has run his race…straight into the heart of his loving forever owner! All of the horses that call Red Bucket home are very special, but Dixon, a big, bold and beautiful Thoroughbred gelding, was a real attention magnet. His career had been as a racehorse; raced, injured, raced again, injured again, and … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue Forever Home Found #170 – Dixon

When Dixon arrived at Red Bucket he didn’t bring any baggage. He left the past in the past and embraced his new life completely. He was completely remarkable….and we knew a few things about his past…he had every right to have a grudge or two. Instead, he captivated us with his gentle benevolence, his softness, his forgiveness. He walked softly, … Read More

Red Bucket Rescue # 114 Dixon

From  the moment that we say “yes” to a horse, they are ours…we are committed to them 100%. We don’t need a picture, we never care what they look like, that is why it is called unconditional love. We often times white knuckle it waiting until they arrive safely, periods of silence in the rescue world can be terrifying, especially … Read More