Adoption Update: Grande

 In the nearly six years since Briana adopted Grande, he has lost most of his teeth…and an eye, but has gained the true feeling of knowing that he is no longer unwanted. He is loved, cherished, and…home. Briana has gained her best friend, and dare we say…the BEST horse in the world!

A Grande Update!

  A fancy, highly trained and imported Warmblood, Grande was all but abandoned, relegated to the life of the unwanted in an isolated bullpen that lacked shelter, companionship, and care. He was terribly lonely, significantly underweight…and tragically uncared for at the time of his rescue. With lots of TLC…and even more groceries, Grande reclaimed his life and luster, and made … Read More

Grande Update

Once upon a time, he had been valued…and considered to be of value. He had been imported from Europe, was highly trained, and loved…so he thought. Then he became a bit older, and was no longer as useful as he once was. He was relegated to an old bull pen and there he stood, all but abandoned; without shelter, companionship, … Read More

Adoption Update: Grande

Out of sight and out of mind, he had been relegated to an isolated, boarded-up bull pen with no shelter, little food, zero contact, and no hope. In spite of his then poor condition and gaunt frame, we almost needed a shoe horn to squeeze his giant body into our trailer during his rescue, and yet, as if glimpsing a … Read More

May 2015 Culture Message

The news was first communicated through a phone call, and later a veterinary report. The phone call I think was a combination of intent to communicate, but perhaps more so, a subtle plea for help, input and support. The conversation had the impact of a sucker punch to the solar plexus, leaving me at the stage right before one starts … Read More

Grande is Home for the Holidays

He is her first true love…she is his everything. The love story started with a long distance romance, and it continues thousands of miles away in Maryland. While Grande has settled into his new life as a treasured friend to Brianna, he ha…s also made it pretty clear that at twenty years young he has a full life yet to … Read More

Grande Home

We couldn’t even get through filming his departure video without choking up, he had burrowed into our hearts, and saying good bye came with real emotion…tears that caught us off guard and more left us more raw than we expected.  While he …came to us, as so many do, discarded and rejected, his self-worth would not be crushed. He carried … Read More

Forever Home Found: Grande

Red Bucket Forever Home Found Grande, the pro that he is didn’t even blink, but walked onto the van and settled in his box stall for his journey to his new home with Brianna at White Fences Farm in Maryland. While we would be less than honest not to admit that we were the ones who blinked….back a good bit … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue Forever Home #70- Grande

It is our fundamental belief that somewhere there is a home for every horse, that rescues are a loving but temporary landing pad, and that every single horse deserves a permanent home of their very own. We firmly subscribe to the notion that it is a fundamental right of every horse to be cared for, respected and protected. Chosen. With … Read More

May 2013 Culture Message

One could tell that he felt special. His coat actually gleamed, and because his ribs now had a new layer of healthy flesh covering them, his dapples were pronounced, almost artfully scattered about his barrel and hindquarters. A small group of Red Riding Hoods leaned on the rail wanting to see him in all his splendor. He wore our one … Read More