April 2017 Team Member Highlight: Megan Mahan

Continuing Education at the Ranch What they teach you in school doesn’t compare to what you learn at the Ranch that the Horses Own Her degree in Horse Ranch Management provided Megan Mahan with the basics for an equine education; Red Bucket provides the continued education and hands on experience that has taken her to the next level. “I knew … Read More

Nelson Update

What a difference a few weeks make. While we know that Nelson has a long road to go in his recovery, we are relieved to see that he too appears relieved. Our special boy is anticipating his meals, expecting to be fed, is no longer flinching when we touch him, and is enjoying his fluffy bedding and the safety of … Read More

February 2017 Culture Message

There are many questions for which there are no answers. Sometimes in the face of not knowing, we find ourselves sharply inhaling without the ability to exhale, or even breathe at all. The resulting dizziness is more than the lack of oxygen; it is the numb yet stinging reality that there is an absence of compassion, accountability…humanity. We were in … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue #355 – Nelson

  Dumped starving in a riverbed, and then “rescued”  by people who continued to deprive him of adequate food, shelter or care, the suffering horse’s feet were so overgrown and neglected that he could barely walk. The “rescuers” were afraid that he would die on their property…and so they called us. We are grateful that they did.  Overwhelmed by his … Read More