Roxy Update

It is unimaginable that a horse would be considered a stray. Defenseless, endangered, betrayed and abandoned…left to forage through trash cans with the threat of traffic rushing by. With such a violation, we can only imagine what happened prior to the point of the inexcusable. What we know today is that the scars are healed, the trust rebuilt, and the … Read More

March 2014 Horse Highlight: Roxy

Adorable, kind-hearted, super-cute and completely charming! Meet this month’s sweetheart of a mare, Roxy! She is as winsome in personality as she is vibrant in color, an Appaloosa POA with an amazing disposition and a willing heart. It is impossible to comprehend that this sweet and beautiful horse was found wandering the streets of Riverside. She had been cruelly abandoned, … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue #123-Roxy

We are all pretty much in agreement ….the only thing cuter than a puppy, is a baby horse. Our newest and youngest is a blanket appaloosa filly that we named Roxy. Unbelievably this youngster was found alone, walking the streets with a halter far too tight for her growing head. The rest of her is growing too… she has a healthy appetite, … Read More