Poppins- Red Bucket Equine Rescue #335 and Adoption #220- Update:

When Poppins arrived at Red Bucket a little over two years ago, she had a number hot glued to her hide. Her baby had a number too, but he was so little they had to glue his number to his tiny, fragile, little neck. At the livestock auction, they stripped Baby Walker from his mothers side intending to sell and ship him separately. Thank goodness that our good friend Kristine wouldn’t let that happen…and Poppins was reunited with her baby (who had a 105 temperature) and both terrified horses came to the safety of Red Bucket. That was then….this photo is now; Poppins (renamed Savannah) is the cherished adopted horse of our friend Theresa. Theresa, like so many of our adopters proclaims that her beautiful Red Bucket Horse is the most amazing, precious, and perfect horse in the world…and of course she (and the others) is right. They are all uniquely special, and perhaps most poignant of all…wanted, loved, safe, and…home. When Poppins came to Red Bucket she was given a new number #335 and the day that Theresa adopted her, Poppins received a second number, her adoption number #220.

Congratulations to Savannah and her perfectly wonderful happily ever after!