Blizzard and Walker

Our Team took the briefest hiatus from their busy duties of serving our Treasured Residents to appreciate the magical moment occurring in Finbar’s Pasture. Two formerly slaughter-bound youngsters frolicked, played, ran, and grazed together, enjoying their enriched lives. “Baby” Walker had already been sold to Kill Buyers and was moments from shipping before our dear friend Kristine Overly swept in … Read More

Poppins- Red Bucket Equine Rescue #335 and Adoption #220- Update:

When Poppins arrived at Red Bucket a little over two years ago, she had a number hot glued to her hide. Her baby had a number too, but he was so little they had to glue his number to his tiny, fragile, little neck. At the livestock auction, they stripped Baby Walker from his mothers side intending to sell and … Read More