Red Bucket Equine Rescue Forever Home Found #250 – Paisley

Valentine’s Day is extra sweet for Kiki and Paisley, as both of their dreams have come true. Kiki has been dreaming for a very long time about a special friend…a forever horse to grow up with, to love, and to take care of…forever. Paisley has been waiting her entire life for a girl of her own, to love, cherish, and…take care of. Paisley has been waiting a very long time to go home. When Kiki’s mom waited patiently outside of the grocery store for Kiki, Kiki emerged with organic carrots. When her mom, Sharon, slightly raised an eyebrow, Kiki smiled as only a thirteen-year-old girl who is in love for the first time can (with a horse, of course) and said, “Paisley deserves only the best!” We agree! Paisley’s happily ever after has been the combined efforts of our community linking arms in a commitment to fulfill the promise that we made to Paisley. Many thanks to our entire selfless team including Kelsie and Amy who helped prepare Paisley for her new girl, Michelle and our entire Equine Care and Enrichment Team; and profound gratitude to Jan and Sam for their incredible generosity in sponsoring Paisley…and making her dreams and future come true! It is safe to say, that this is the BEST Valentine’s Day ever!