Kiki can’t stop smiling!

In between rain storms she and her very own new forever BFF, Paisley, went for a walk…in the clouds! We can’t tell who is pinching themselves more. We sure are grateful for happily ever afters! Thank you to all who made this dream come true!

Red Bucket Equine Rescue Forever Home Found #250 – Paisley

Valentine’s Day is extra sweet for Kiki and Paisley, as both of their dreams have come true. Kiki has been dreaming for a very long time about a special friend…a forever horse to grow up with, to love, and to take care of…forever. Paisley has been waiting her entire life for a girl of her own, to love, cherish, and…take … Read More

November 2015 Horse Highlight: Paisley

Paisley is a pretty Paint horse with unique and gorgeous “Medicine Hat” markings around her eyes and ears. As legend tells us, this type of horse has magical powers and is said to bring great luck to its owner… Paisley has magnificent blue eyes and the sweetest disposition. “She is a big pleaser, social and very affectionate,” according to Susan … Read More

Red Bucket Equine Rescue # 129- Paisley

If you close your eyes and imagine some of life’s special pleasures, and then you reach your fingers out……you will touch the softest coat of fluffy white fur, add gentle blue eyes and a pink nose…no it isn’t a bunny rabbit, it is our new addition Paisley. Paisley is an absolute sweetheart of a horse, while we are still assessing her, our very … Read More