Red Bucket Forever Home #235 – Mira

After a lifetime of abuse, starvation, criminal neglect, and isolation, Mira was rescued by Red Bucket. Barely able to walk to our awaiting trailer, she then began the fight to courageously reclaim a life that was stolen from her. Mira suffered in her silent, dark prison for two decades. Today, her life is full of color, warmth, kindness and consistent care. Unlike Oz, Red Bucket is real…and so is Michelle. Michelle has been in lock step with Mira on her brave journey back to a life that she never knew existed. Through every painful step, gentle touch, and careful treatment of first aid and medication, Mira could feel Michelle’s commitment, tearful apology, and…unconditional love. Even at night, when the world slept and our horses grazed, rested, or snoozed, Michelle could be found checking on our fragile Mira. Today, we joyously announce that Michelle has taken her declaration of love and acceptance one step further, and claimed…chosen…declared…that Mira is indeed a wanted horse, that she matters, and that she counts! Unwanted? We don’t think so! Please join Michelle and Mira in celebrating the adoption…of each other!