Red Bucket Forever Home #235 – Mira

After a lifetime of abuse, starvation, criminal neglect, and isolation, Mira was rescued by Red Bucket. Barely able to walk to our awaiting trailer, she then began the fight to courageously reclaim a life that was stolen from her. Mira suffered in her silent, dark prison for two decades. Today, her life is full of color, warmth, kindness and consistent … Read More

Mira Update

There are so many words…and yet no words; we wanted to give you all an update on Mira. After 2 decades of extreme neglect and abuse, our beloved Mira has reclaimed her life. It has taken 6 months of TLC, physical therapy, and lots of emotional equity on our part…which we have happily provided! Mira is now enjoying enrichment time … Read More

January 2018 Culture Message

He didn’t know it, but we were the best friend that he had ever had. “Tower” was untouchable, but not because he was bad, or wild, or aggressive, but rather because he had never had a friend. I don’t mean that in a sophomoric or even an ethereal way…quite frankly, he had been abused…not once or twice, but rather had … Read More