October 2014 Horse Highlight: Roulette

Roulette is a game which involves a high degree of risk and chance, leading to a high level of either great winnings or extreme loss. Meet this month’s beautiful and unpredictable, once feral Roulette; orphaned, isolated, abandoned and found alone in a slaughter-bound feed lot with a group of pregnant mares only a few short months ago.

Meet adorable and precious Roulette! She was an approximately 3-month-old orphan foal found in a group of pregnant, feral mares bound for slaughter when Red Bucket rescued her. It becomes almost unbearable to comprehend in our minds what had already become of her mother, as little Roulette was found wandering terrified among the batch of frightened mares on the slaughter lot. She was an orphan; filthy, wild, and existing among this mare herd without a mother in an isolated state of rugged unpredictability with little social experience. Her countenance showed fear, as if she had reverted back to an untamed version within herself of the feral horse existing in a natural state among an already established herd. An outcast among the many, she was lost within the panicked crowd.

Once Roulette was rounded up with several other mares and a few other orphan foals, Red Bucket’s work with her lovingly began. It was nearly impossible to get human hands on her during the first week at Red Bucket Ranch. Her very first night on the ranch, she did not want to leave the safety of the horse trailer and once she finally did, was exhausted. After eating a healthy dinner, she lay down in her comfortably bedded stall and slept for hours. It was the beginning of Roulette’s amazing transformational experience with Red Bucket Equine Rescue! She was about to experience the joy of care, love and the gentle teaching of social behavior, all integral character traits she had not been given by a mother who was so cruelly taken from her at such a young age.

Roulette has found her place among the herd at Red Bucket. She is adored by the “Over 30’s Group” consisting of Brinkley, Jack, Donny and Buck. She is also completely loved by magnificent Finbar, who has literally become her very best friend. They have all become her adoptive “uncles” and watch out for her every afternoon as she runs and plays with her adoring playmate donkey, Joey! Roulette and Joey can be seen frolicking together daily in the arena. Though Roulette enjoys Joey’s fun company immensely, there are times she grows weary of his somewhat annoying “red-donk-ulous-ness” and runs for cover to her uncles in the arena until ready to come out of hiding and play once more. Joey does not really seem to mind all that much; he takes it all in stride as part of their fun and games of together time.

Under the patient guidance of Miss Lauren, Roulette has turned into a poised, polite and sweet 10-month-old weanling! Lauren has worked painstakingly with Roulette, gaining her trust day by day, gentling her, teaching her that humans are friendly and can be trusted. Roulette has matured and grown into a beautiful and big girl. She is a gorgeously elegant reddish roan with long, LONG legs! She is a beauty, inside and out.

Red Bucket has once again proven the benevolent nature of such a very special horse, the ability of this amazing and young feral foal to overcome the most harrowing of circumstances, only to become such a loved equine by both humans and horses alike. The winner takes it all! Roulette has definitely shown her true blue-ribbon colors throughout her 7-month transformation from an unkempt and isolated orphan to a beautiful and cherished equine.

Written by: Johanna Downs