Red Bucket Update- Roulette

In keeping with our passion of serving the desperate, Red Bucket led a rescue effort that impacted 31 feral pregnant mares, saving them from the anguish and brutality of slaughter. Consistent with our practice of “saving one more”, we were able to save a terrified baby who had been stripped from her mother’s side before the mare shipped to slaughter. … Read More

October 2014 Horse Highlight: Roulette

Roulette is a game which involves a high degree of risk and chance, leading to a high level of either great winnings or extreme loss. Meet this month’s beautiful and unpredictable, once feral Roulette; orphaned, isolated, abandoned and found alone in a slaughter-bound feed lot with a group of pregnant mares only a few short months ago. Meet adorable and … Read More

A new North Star

It is impossible to be engaged in our beautiful work and not somehow be altered. It is an adjustment in mindset that occurs either by epiphany, or a gradual process of having one’s values slowly realigned in such a way that brings clarity to the important, sheds off the trivial and insignificant, and gives us a direction…a new North Star, … Read More

Meet Roulette

Meet Roulette. Roulette a long with the latest batch of pregnant feral mares was rescued from slaughter with three other 3 month old orphans. We do not want to think of what happened to their mothers…but we do know that she was filthy, terrified, and while mixed in with frantic pregnant mares, Roulette was very much alone. She too was … Read More