October 2018 Horse Highlight: Denny

Curious, confident and the quintessential gentlemen…”Denny” is a big, beautiful Warmblood who is full of personality combined with an amazing disposition.

The face of “high risk” has been changing over the course of the last several years. Many of the horses finding their way to Red Bucket had once enjoyed a wonderful life and had even been quite famous. Even though experiencing being loved at one point over their lifetime, it is especially heartbreaking when a horse is in the position of being put down because the horse can no longer perform at the same level.

Such was the situation our sweet boy Denny was in before finding his way to a safe landing at Red Bucket. He is, “the consummate professional,” according to Red Bucket team leader, Linda Rose. “Denny is a big, confident, playful dreamboat who is full of personality!” He spent years on the horse show circuit, wowing crowds and earning accolades from every corner of the globe. He was an amazing athlete who after working his entire career to win ribbons for his owner, faced euthanasia because he was older and no longer useful. A Good Samaritan helped bring Denny to the safety of Red Bucket. And now, he is able to enjoy the safety of a well-deserved retirement after so many years of performing. He is a healthy, huge warmblood who has thoroughly embraced his new life on the Ranch with all our treasured residents.

“Denny is the quintessential gentleman,” says Red Bucket team member Kyle Blotzer. “He is very affectionate and always curious about the goings on around his Ranch.” Kyle also explains that he is excellent at teaching our newest team members the ropes at Red Bucket. According to Kyle, Denny has learned to socialize well with the other horses and has many friends on the Ranch both human and equine. Kyle continues exclaiming, “Denny LOVES his regular spa treatments and being pampered…checking every groomer’s pockets for treats!”

Jenon Mathes, Director of Equine Care, Team Training and Safety Officer, considers Denny a Class Act. “He is kind and gentle…a favorite to many of our team members as they begin their service at Red Bucket.” He is also a dependable friend and companion to some of our older treasured residents. After spending his life as a show jumper, his retirement is something that has been definitely earned. Denny demonstrates impeccable ground manners and Jenon says she can’t recall him ever being less than respectful and graceful when leading, grooming or being introduced to new friends. He is eager to socialize and often initiates contact by resonating a greeting of, “Hi, I’m Denny!” says Jenon.

Although Denny is now happily retired, he’s still ‘Got It’ according to Linda Rose. “When he is enjoying he enrichment time in the afternoon, it’s hard to take your eyes off of him. He’s just so special.” Linda says she is honored to be another member of Denny’s ‘admiration society’ and helping to give him the safe, comfortable and enriched retirement he has worked all his life for, and so richly deserves.

If you are someone looking for a remarkable companion or family horse, we have your boy ready and waiting to be loved and adored here at Red Bucket.

Story by Johanna Downs