Denny Part 3- Happy 23rd Birthday!

As irony would have it, today is Denny’s 23rd Birthday. We are home after our big emotional and wonderful trip…and, our precious boy Denny is home too…forever. Jenny took this Birthday picture of Denny with his Red Bucket filled with Root Beer Barrels, and 23 apples. For those of us who are parents, our children never know that their Birthdays … Read More

Denny Update Part 2

Denny had just returned from his “overnight” where he had spent sixteen hours of enrichment, grazing and socializing with friends. Most of his breakfast had been eaten and he was half dozing in his stall, awaiting his morning enrichment and herd time, when I walked our visitors into the barn. Denny sensed Jenny’s presence before she came into his line … Read More

Denny Update Part 1

Denny was famous and his expansive resume boasted the highest of accolades; Horse of the Year at Devon…twice, the winners circle at the Maclay Finals, a successful international career, and championships too numerous to list. He was also very valuable, and with such ascendancy, was treated like royalty, groomed and maintained meticulously, and wrapped with the greatest of care on … Read More

October 2018 Horse Highlight: Denny

Curious, confident and the quintessential gentlemen…”Denny” is a big, beautiful Warmblood who is full of personality combined with an amazing disposition. The face of “high risk” has been changing over the course of the last several years. Many of the horses finding their way to Red Bucket had once enjoyed a wonderful life and had even been quite famous. Even … Read More